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   Wuxi Perun Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd was founded in 1983,The company is located in the convenient traffic place of Xizhang industrial park,Wuxi City,about one hour away from Shanghai.We professionally manufacture various rubber and plastic products such as:Rubber floor mat,Absorber,Rubber strip,O-ring and other special items to meet the special requirements.
   Perun occupies area 20.000O and has a staff of 350,including 65 engineers and technicians.
   We have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality control system and the ISO14001:2004 environment protection system and has also achieved self import & export right.TS 16949 audit is underway and will be finished in 2007.
   Rubber floor mats for Auto is one of our main products that are exported to the USA.the Netherlands,Germany,UK,Finland,Japan and Korea and gain high reputations.
   We are always ready here to offer you the quality products with competitive price and excellent service.

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